Easy Installation Curtains For Bedroom

Size: 150X200CM
Sale price$18.00


Product information:
Complete functions, high quality, wide range of uses, easy to install, girls like design, colorful rainbow, easy to maintain, quality guaranteed
Function: The main panel of our thermal insulation living room curtain is made of 3 layers, and one of the black lines blocks the light in the middle. They can block 85% to 99% of sunlight and insulate them, making them ideal for sleeping during the day. The precision fabrics of our blinds give them anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle functions.
Girls like design: Our children’s room decorative curtains are double-layered and designed with star-shaped cuts. The rainbow gradient color is very suitable for use as a window and bed curtain in a cute baby girl or girl’s room.
Easy to install: Our indoor darkening and thermal insulation curtains are perforated-free. Just stick the adhesive on a clean, dry window frame, and then stick the curtains on the adhesive. Very easy to install.
Multi-purpose: Our colorful curtains for toddlers are widely used for bedroom windows, living room windows, beds, doors and closets. Our lovely bedroom sunscreen curtains are worth a look.
Easy care: Our modern girls' bedrooms decorated with blackout curtains can be gently recycled and machine washable when the water level is below 86°F. Hang in a well-ventilated place to dry without bleaching.

Size Information:
Weight: 298g/m²

About color difference:
All pictures are taken in kind. Due to the slight deviation of the color of the product during the display, photographing and drawing process, the actual color shall prevail.
Buyers who have strict requirements for color, please be cautious!

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