Remote Control Battery Small Ball Lights Christmas Home Decor

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1. Color selection: These ball string lights are available in multi-color white and warm white. There are 3 popular light colors in the single string lights, saving money and space.
2. 8 modes dimmable fairy lights with remote control paddle
10 levels of brightness adjustment and 8 lighting modes are available, which can be controlled by the remote control. Use the timer to set the warm white light to turn off for 6 hours and 18 hours. When you set the flashing light to resume work, get the current lighting mode.
3. Indoor Christmas light string This Christmas fairy tale light string is powered by 3 aa batteries (not included), 4.5v low output voltage is much lower risk of light string is seivre consistent to ecar ecar for seivre consistent to lviment to l high luster.
4. Waterproof battery box for outdoor waterproof led string lights, which can resist rain washing. This kind of light causes the fireflies to withstand all kinds of weather all year round. Awesome outdoor decorative lights, suitable for gardens, paths, terraces, lawns, courtyards, and landscapes.
5. Wide range of uses: these mini star string lights can be used for indoor or outdoor lighting applications. With the festive atmosphere lit up, it is the best choice for Christmas trees and garlands. It is very suitable for decorating the atmosphere of bedroom, living room, balcony, garden, patio, tent, tello, hotel, etc. It is also perfect to introduce to family and friends.

Multicolor mode 8
The remote control and different settings make these even cooler. You can buy these for the walls of the staircase hall. Highlight the photo. Add soft ambient light to your bedroom or tent camp.
Just like the light bulb is very light, it can be fixed with a few pushpins. A great warm color. These cute lamps are perfect for your Teene bedroom. You will like the lighting mode.

Product information:
Input voltage: 220 (V)
Luminous flux: 6000 (LM)
Shell material: plastic
Size: 5 (mm)
Lamp holder specifications: f5
Life: 60000 (H)
Protection level: IP44
Application scope: wedding, Christmas, flower shop, ballroom decoration
Light color: warm white, colorful light


A: 1.5m 10 lights [two battery models] always on
B: 2 meters 20 lights [three battery models] flashing
C: 3 meters 20 lights [three battery models] flashing
D: 5 meters and 50 lights [three battery models] flashing
E: 6 meters 40 lights [three battery models] flashing
F: 10 meters 80 lights [three battery models] flashing
G: 3 meters 20 lights [usually on for USB models]
H: 6 meters 40 lights [usually on for USB models]
I: 10 meters with 100 lights [waterproof remote control battery type]
J: 5 meters 50 lights [waterproof remote control battery type]
K: 3 meters 30 lights [waterproof remote control battery type]
L: 10 meters 100 lights [USB remote control type]
M: 5 meters 50 lights [USB remote control type]
N: 3 meters 30 lights [USB remote control type]

Packing list:
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