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1. Low-frequency therapy is a rhythmic and gentle pulse.
2. Low frequency is a special kind of electricity with a stable rhythm or stop. The low frequency acts on the body according to the appropriate power and speed. The body produces rhythm and sequence pulses. The softness of the low frequency is the same as the massage effect, as the pressure of the hands. , Pinch and percussion.

What is EMS technology?
Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), uses electrical impulses to activate muscle contractions. Impulses simulate action potentials from the central nervous system, causing muscles to contract. EMS has proven to be a very effective tool for active muscle training.

What is the use of EMS?
* Rehabilitation goals of muscle training
* Prevent disuse muscle atrophy and local blood pressure increase
*Muscle relaxation beauty muscle conditioning

1. EMS foot massager
2. 6 massage modes
3. 9 massage intensity
4. USB charging
5. Wide range of application

6 modes:
* 6 modes to choose from, easy to operate
* If you forget to shut down after 12 minutes of a shutdown, it will automatically shut down.
* There are 9 levels of stimulation intensity (intensity 1-9)
I suggest once a day.
If you don't tie it to your feet, it will automatically turn off after about 15 seconds.

How to use:
* When he presses the "+" button to turn on and increase the intensity, the light will come in little by little.
* When the power and intensity "_" button is pressed, the light will gradually dim.
* The "+" key is divided into 9 levels for power-on up-current, shut-off and down-current "_"


1. Use low intensity and short duration to introduce muscles and avoid irritation.
2. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.
3. This product is not waterproof. Do not put it in water or wash it with water.
4. If there are any sprains or injuries to the feet, soles, ankles, Achilles tendons and calves, please do not use this product.

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