Wet And Dry Face Wash Makeup Powder Puff

style: 8pcs
Sale price$4.00


Product information:

Product Category: Beauty Egg
Material: Hydrophilic polyurethane
Size: 4cm*6cm
Specification :
Condition: New
Applicable gender: female
Dream purple (a set of 4)
Light pink series (a set of 4)
Matcha series (set of 4)
Egg yolk series (a set of 4)
Sky Blue Pure (a set of 4)
Light green pure (a set of 4)
Pink pure (a set of 4)
Pure matcha (a set of 4)
Orange pure (a set of 4)
Macaron series (set of 4)
Light pink series (a set of 8)
Phantom Purple Series (a set of 8)
Egg yolk series (a set of 8)
Matcha series (set of 8)


Kneading does not deform and instantly rebounds

Packing list:

Makeup Egg Set*1


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