Electric Airbag Hand Massager

power: USB
Sale price$95.00


1. 3D wave rolling to press all acupuncture points on the hand, 4 massage modes, 3 intensities, to relieve stiffness and numbness of hands, release stress, and eliminate fatigue.
2. The built-in carbon fiber heating can release a suitable human body temperature of about 45℃, and daily hot compresses on the hands can effectively relieve and prevent tenosynovitis, mouse hands and more hand problems.
3. Up and down three-dimensional massage: The airbag from the palm to each finger is fully covered and tightly wrapped, sometimes relaxed and sometimes strong, like a person's fingers gently rubbing and pushing.
4. Acupuncture point massage: A variety of acupoint massage which acts on the acupoints of the hand through air pressure, accelerates blood circulation and promotes hand health.
5. 2000mAh large capacity battery: Charge for 2 hours and massage for 10 minutes each time, can be used 10-15 times, standby for a long time, meet the needs of different time and place.
6. This machine can be used with hand cream to accelerate the nutrient absorption of the hand skin, relieve dry skin and improve rough hands.


Power factor:3.3w-10w
Shell:material: zinc alloy
Weight:130 (g)
Size:90*90*5.8 (mm)

Package Content
Hand massager *1

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