Electric Blackhead Vacuum Suction

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Steps for usage: 

1. Use a cleansing product to clean the face. It is recommended to use a blackhead or a hot spray to help open the pores. (The pore removal effect of the product is reduced when the pores are closed.) 

2. Place the spacer into the nozzle groove on the top of the fuselage, select the probe, and mount the probe on the nozzle on the top of the fuselage. 

3. Short press the key to open the black head function. The default is the soft file. 

4, according to personal circumstances, short press the key to select the appropriate gear (in the first use, it is recommended to use your forearm to test the suction, then apply to the facial skin)

 5, put the instrument probe on the face need to remove the blackhead, slowly move the probe, the same part, do not stay too long, suck out the black head (please do not force the probe or pull the probe vertically to avoid straining the skin)

 6, the blackhead is cleaned up, short press the key to close the blackhead function 7. Remove the probe, wipe the dirt with a cotton swab, rinse the probe with water, dry the towel or air dry (please avoid the body rinse or soak in the water)

 8. After the pores are cleaned, you can press and hold the color light function for a long time. The colored light bead is irradiated to the blackhead acne for 3-5 minutes, and the colored light has a timing function, and when the color light works for 5 minutes, it is automatically extinguished. Continue with skin care steps such as masking, pore astringent water, essence lotion, face cream, etc. 



1. In order to better clean the pores, it is recommended to use the blackhead extractor or the hot spray steamer to help open the pores before use. (The pore removal effect of the product is reduced when the pores are closed.) 

2. Do not press the probe hard or pull the probe vertically. Do not stay in the same part for too long to avoid straining the skin. If it is used improperly, it will cause redness on the face and will naturally fade after a few days. 

3. Please avoid washing the body, soaking in water or other liquids.

 4. Do not use chemicals to clean the instrument and avoid corrosion.

 5. After each use, clean the probe to avoid clogging the filter. If alcohol is used, the recommended concentration is less than 70%. 

Product Size:165x40x40mm

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