Facial massage beauty instrument

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1, face-lift function: the use of traditional Chinese medicine acupoint physiotherapy, for the face of the three face-lifting acupressure massage, stimulate acupuncture points to promote blood circulation, burning excess fat, is a safe, non-rebound, no side effects of chronic therapy;

2, beauty function: the shock head can reach more than 9,600 vibration frequency per minute, the vibration is transmitted to the corresponding beauty acupoint nerve, stimulate the lymphatic blood to speed up the circulation, keep the facial skin active; adhere to use, the skin quality is improved, become Pink and elastic;

3, mask auxiliary function: the product is matched with facial mask or other facial skin care products to prevent the mask essence from being lost by the evaporation of air. The essence is more comprehensively retained on the skin, and the vibration massage can accelerate the absorption of the essence by the face, so that the original Some effects have multiplied;

4, convenient function: when the product is used with the mask, the mask can be fixed on the face to solve the inconvenience of the traditional masking; the reading, cooking, surfing the Internet are unimpeded;

5, special features: in addition to beauty for the use of beauty; for facial paralysis patients need to massage the facial muscles every day, the instrument just solves these problems: hand massage is not hygienic, afraid of labor, fear of uneven strength React

The silicone mask is designed with a face shape. The mask contains 8 points of Yangbai, Acupoint, Juyu and Daying points; each acupuncture points corresponds to a vibration connection line; behind the mask, there are two accessories: Velcro or plastic buckle. Fixed mask; controller with lithium battery, is usb line charging type;

 Material characteristics:

The mask is made of high-grade edible silica gel, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-yellowing, non-sucking, non-deformable and easy to clean. It has stronger toughness and is not easily broken by stretching in the shape of no gap. ;

Instructions for use:

1. Place the acupuncture points that need to be massaged on the silicone mask to place the link line. For the first time, press the main power button on the left side of the controller; put it ready for use;

2, after cleansing, use hot water to help the face open pores; apply the mask or apply the required skin care products;

3, put on the instrument, according to the size of the face needs to adjust the back strap or button to the position that suits you;

4. Press the controller surface switch to adjust the strength and mode that suits you. You can start enjoying your face spa; the instrument will stop automatically every five minutes, and you need to start again.

5, after use, silica gel can be rinsed with water and then air dried;

6, the first few use of the recommended time within 5 minutes, after the facial muscles adapt to the vibration sense can be extended to use time。

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