Fill light smart makeup mirror

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Are you still worried about your messy dressing table? Desk lamps, stereos, mirrors, cosmetics, it seems that there are always too many things, and there is never enough space.

With me, MOONMIRROR, you don't have to worry anymore!

Minimalist geometric design, ingeniously combining circle and cone, I am a high-definition mirror

Professional makeup mirror, desk lamp and Bluetooth speaker are combined into one, I am not just a mirror

You don’t need to put so many things on your dressing table anymore, I am enough!

LED lighting for professional makeup, one-key lighting, adjustable brightness, more humane

Three colors switch, change as you like, I know you better

(Cold light, warm light, natural light)

High-quality Bluetooth speakers, wonderful music, beautiful delivery

Eye protection soft light table lamp, gentle care, love, with me

Magnetic 5x magnifying glass, better showing the details of your face, super adsorption, as you will

Multiple colors available: ivory white, cherry pink, rose gold

Frame material: ABS
Lens material: silver mirror
Product category: Desktop double-sided mirror

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