Background Wall Decoration

style: A
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Product information:
Function: Decoration
Material: PS
Style: modern and simple
Shape: rectangle
Color Classification:
[A]【Large wall】28B-White original (green plants)
[B]【Large wall】28B-Black and white (minimalist style)
[C]【Large wall】28B-Baiyuan (fresh cartoon)
[D]【Large Wall】28B-Black and White (European Architecture)
[E]【Large wall】28B-Black and white (sea view)
[F]【Large Wall】28B-Black and White (Looking into the distance)
[G]【Large wall】28B-Black and white (European and American style)
[H]【Large wall】28B-white and blue (Mediterranean sea)
[I]【Large wall】28B-all white (green plants)
[J]【Large wall】26M-Baiyuan (cartoon small and fresh)
[K]【Large Wall】26M-White Cherry (Heart-to-heart)
[L]【Large wall】26M-white and blue (Mediterranean sea)
[M]【Large Wall】26M-Black and White (European Architecture)
[N]【Large wall】26M-Black and white (European and American style)
Applicable scene: living room

Packing list:

Background wall ornaments*1


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