Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Electronic Watch

style: Standard edition
Electrical outlet: USB
Sale price$6.88


This bracelet uses pure physical technology to prevent you and your child from being bitten by mosquitoes, making it more comfortable to wear and a must-have for summer. Our mosquitoes repeller bracelet can be worn by the elderly, children, and pregnant women. It is made of safe materials and will not cause harm to the human body. It operates with low noise, and it will not disturb whether it is resting or working. You can take it with you. It can be charged via USB and has a long standby time.

Product information:

Product category: mosquito repellent bracelet
M21: Brand
Color: black, white
Style: standard version [time+mosquito repellent], flagship version [time+mosquito repellent+temperature measurement+pace measurement]

Packing list:

Watch * 1 charging cable * 1 instruction manual * 1

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